NoBoMa Press Release

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The aim of the project is to promote academically and socially acceptable skills for elderly care taking workers through self training electronic methods and means.


The demand for qualified workers providing care and therapy in elderly care Homes and private households all over Europe is expanding as a result of the ageing of the population and is augmented by the increasing trend of individuals to seek professional care in the place of the diminishing availability of the traditional child to parents assistance which was implicitly provided within the family.


European Social partners declared on 14 March 2002:


"The ageing population and the social expectations, which have resulted from higher levels of education of younger generations require a new way of approaching learning systems, ensuring that there are opportunities for all age groups – both women and men, skilled and unskilled – if significant increases in competencies and qualification levels are to be achieved. Lifelong learning contributes to the development of an inclusive society and the promotion of equal opportunities".



The ECV project addresses the current status and the trends of the training, social and employment rehabilitation needs of the Elderly Care in Europe for:

  • Vocationally skilled elderly care workers
  • Transparency of competencies and
  • Acceptance of the employment and service structures by the social partners.